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The Matrx interconnects cities and people in the film and television industry. It provides you with access to the infrastructure and expertise required to handle terabytes of data each day.
Uncompressed and Uncompromised.


Remove the burden of managing complex storage systems and multiple vendors. We can handle Petabytes of data at one time. Let us take care of the hardware, so you can focus on your content.


Allow clients and colleagues to review your media on virtually any computer, tablet, or smart phone. Host your source media and leave the resource-heavy processing and transcoding tasks to our massive compute cluster.


Deliver your source media, rough cuts, or broadcast deliverables at light speed. No more tape or hard drives on an overnight courier. Anyone with access to high speed Internet can receive your uncompressed media.

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Let The Matrx handle your dailies transcoding tasks on our growing processing cluster. Add burn-in, and review your proxies online.


Order transcription services directly from your portal. We’ll take it from there, and return your professionally transcribed dialog or As-Produced Script.

Closed Captioning

Just like transcripts, Closed Captioning timing and conversion can be ordered directly through your portal.

Descriptive Video

More broadcasters are requiring Descriptive Video each day. We make it simple to author, record and deliver DV to spec.

QC Reporting

A combination of computer-assisted quality control and a trained, experienced eye keep you compliant.

LTO Archive

Insurance companies often require a tape-based archive of your digital assets. Portal assets can be automatically archived with each injection/upload.

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